I was getting walls knocked down and rebuilt in order to extend my bathroom to incorporate a separate shower. The men arrived bang on time every single morning, on the first morning they put covers over all our internal doors which protected dust going into the rooms but, as the doors zipped, we could easily gain access to these rooms each evening. They also covered any carpet that would be in the way of the work they were doing. The men were all friendly, polite and very neat. We had an antiquated bathroom which required a new ceiling and walls so this was a large job yet we remained in the house for all but one night and the men worked around us ensuring that the house was left neat when they left each night … they even brought their own hoover. All debris was lifted each day and my neighbours all commented on how considerate the men had been with their parking. The men were patient with me as, at times, I found it difficult to make certain decisions. The communication was fabulous and I felt that I had a real understanding of what was happening when. The renovations have completely changed my house for the better and I could not recommend this company enough. If I could give one criticism it would be that I now feel, in comparison to my fancy new bathroom, my kitchen seems a little dated and I may have to get a new one fitted! At least I know I would trust D. Evans and Son Builders Ltd. to do that job for me!